Make your message innovatively interactive!

Interactive concepts are supports that let you accentuate you information by easily including a large amount of data.

These montages have unlimited applications as they can contain an impressive cross-section of enriched data: video or audio tapes, visuals, texts, graphics, music, multiple choice questionnaires, etc.

Our projects are comprehensive

  • Graphic environments for multimedia interfaces
  • Developing interactivity
  • Browsing
  • Audio…

Multiple uses

  • Company presentations
  • CDs or DVD-ROMs with interactive catalogues
  • Training resources
  • Digital annual reports
  • Interactive presentation and information terminals
  • Multimedia programmes
  • Interactive databases
  • Sales and marketing
  • Archives

Your customers are on the move – stay with them!

The new technologies that have become available with the market for smartphones and tablet computers have led to new digital perspectives and give businesses new communication tools.

Thanks to these new media, we are developing applications for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. In fact, when these little programmes are installed on such devices, they enable businesses to transmit a new messaging principle and to keep in constant contact with their clientele.

The EBEDIA agency works to produce mobile applications and websites for mobile supports (tablet computers) and takes charge of the whole job.

Often, setting up a website for smartphones or tablet computers, which themselves are in constant development, is all it takes to convey your message.

For your information

An application requires one special language per system, in other words if you want to create an application for iPhones, it will not be compatible with smartphones using the Android system or another model of equipment. A new application will have to be created for each brand using a different system.

Our choice will be to direct you toward designing a mobile site that will work with all brands, using small adaptations for each system.

EBEDIA Communication Agency

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Areas of expertise

Publishing - Websites - Visual identity - Graphic Design

Corporate identity - 3D - Multimedia - Logos

3D Presentations - Design - Communication strategies

E-commerce websites - Recording - HD video